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Career advancement.

16. Nov 2020

These are the results of our customer survey 2020.

How are careers shaped in today's corporate practice? Which are the principal career drivers and decision-making features for development? Finding answers to these questions was the aim of our survey this year. More than 100 participants from Line & Human Resources Management gave us an insight into their company practice - thank you very much! 

An excerpt from the results:

  • Regarding personality traits networked thinking, willingness to change, communication skills and social skills take the top positions. 
  • The main decision making criteria are the assessment of the direct superior and the performance and potential of the employee. Digital affinity is only marginally more important than professional experience. 
  • The age factor is considered to be less relevant for career development. A positive standout: 25% of the participants indicated, that they keep the age group of +50 - 65 on their career development radar. 

These findings raise the following questions: Will the traditional career development models meet the future challenges? Should existing resources, also in the sense of «Generation Management», be utilized more optimally with regard to the shortage of skilled workers and work 4.0? What significance do future leadership requirements have for career development? 

 Are you interested in the complete survey analysis? Access directly to the PDF or write to us for further details: nfschlchtrlccch.


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