Pit-Stop - Schluchter, Licci und Partner

Pit Stop® – for a successful career.

A registered trademark of Schluchter, Licci & Partner AG

    Pit Stop ® is aimed at companies in the context of career development, talent management or career mobility. To offer one's own employees the opportunity to clarify their personal career opportunities through external coaching is actively practiced employer branding. Benefits for employers:
  • Promotion of employees towards the working world 4.0
  • Increased employability results in higher loyalty and employee satisfaction.
  • Attractive employer for existing and new employees due to strengthened employer branding.

The combination of career check, vision development and active implementation provides a clear picture and options for action for the professional and personal future - regardless of whether the employees want to develop within the company or look for external solutions. The benefits for employees:

  • Clarity on one's own competences, the personal professional vision and options for action.
  • Improved professional communication & optimized self-marketing.
  • Pursue career goals more consciously and consistently.

Pit Stop® is designed for individual cases as well as for defined groups internally. In any case, the coaching sessions are carried out individually and with the utmost discretion.


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