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Our partners.

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Partners in Switzerland

Our partner in the French speaking part of Switzerland

founded in 1997, with offices in Geneva, Lausanne and Neuchâtel

ARU SA Architettura Risorse Umani

Our Partner in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland

Coachings and Outplacements in Lugano/TI


Our partner for demographic management

and topics such as « ageing and career », « career after the career»

Resilienzzentrum Schweiz

Our partner for topics concerning resilience

Resilience means overcoming adversity and continuing with life successfully.

International Partners

Our partner in the UK

founded in 2003
6 locations

RH Partners

Our partner in France

founded in 1984
30 locations

DEKRA Personaldienste GmbH

Our partner in Germany

DEKRA Personaldienste GmbH - HR Consulting und Outplacement


ACF Switzerland

Switzerland’s Association of Personal & Organizational Change Firms (ACF) – founded in February 2004 – brings together the country’s leading career development and organizational change companies.

Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personalmanagement

Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personalmanagement

Basler Gesellschaft für Personal-Management


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