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Life-Cycle Outplacement®

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On the way to your new position you will come across two trivial but decisive questions:

  • Which position corresponds to my competences and wishes for the future?
  • How do I find and get this job?

Up to now outplacement has primarily focused on hierarchy and role-specific characteristics. With our Life-Cycle Outplacement® programme we are the first company in Switzerland to systematically include your age-specific needs and questions in the counselling process.

With our more than 15 years of experience in outplacement we have developed a framework that meets the needs of today's and tomorrow's labour market, the increasing utilization of artificial intelligence in the recruitment process and the increasingly project-based work models. In order for you to be sustainably successful we invite you to get your own perspective of your personal development opportunities.

We offer you advice according to your hierarchy level, your current role, age and phase of life. We also address the following questions: How can you successfully position your "me” brand and your individuality in today’s complex labour market by means of your CV and other tools? Which are the decisive key points when you apply via Social Media and digitized recruitment? How do you skilfully navigate the hidden labour market in which more than 50% of job vacancies are filled? And how will the new job work if you are fifty five plus?

Together we will develop your professional vision and personal action plan. With our extensive network we are able to open the doors for you to companies, head hunters and recruiters. Our international partners and our global C-Level database will facilitate your international applications. Additionally we will prepare you in detail for interviews, teach you how to network and train with you 1:1.

The starting point is a career-check for which, among other instruments, scientifically validated personality analyses and self-analysis are used. If you are seeking self-employment, we will guide you through your business plan, 'challenge' your business idea and support you in its implementation.

We are your sparring partner for the development of your personal marketing plan. Workshops in small groups, video trainings and expert presentations complete our comprehensive and individual consulting.

Our goal is your success!


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