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How does the current incisive situation impact our work?»

27. Mai 2020

The post-phase of the corona crisis in companies – some hypotheses.

Happily back at your regular desk after your home office time? Everything back to as it was before?

The conclusion of our customer event ‘Let’s talk’ in January 2020 was: «Digitalisation in the services sector is lagging behind».

A few months later we find that virtual meetings and working from home suddenly are a must. During the past weeks we too have supported our clients via ‘Skype and Teams’ to a greater extent and, based on this and our previous experience, derive the following hypotheses for the professional future: 

  • Communication: standards are being set for the entire staff of a company towards the utilisation of digital tools and for optimizing the according procedures. Digital communication will become a must.
  • Flexible work forms: until recently working from home was a “retention” factor. In the future it will become part of everyday work routine. Mutual trust and personal responsibility will be indispensable for its successful implementation.
  • Digitalisation is neither age- nor role-dependent and merely a matter of further training, the proper tools and the structure of an organisation.
  • Appreciation: there will be an increase of higher quality contact, personal meetings will be used in a more targeted manner.
  • Individualisation: individual needs of employees will become more predominant. A challenge for leadership in the future.

In the current crisis we experience once more that trust, individual responsibility, flexibility and innovation help deal with a complex situation. Our services Life-Cycle Outplacement®, Pit Stop®, Assessment und Executive Coaching are based on these four factors precisely.


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