3rd Richmond HR Forum in Interlaken.

Richmond HR Forum Interlaken.
Richmond HR Forum Interlaken.

At the 3rd Richmond HR Forum Interlaken, we presented our new service Pit Stop® to CHRO’s and HR Directors from various industries.

Pit Stop® makes potentials and abilities of employees visible and combines them with a motivating, individual perspective. With Pit Stop® companies support the employability and career outlook of their employees and increase their agility, loyalty and retention, as well as their employer branding.

Furthermore, we also had a speech on the following topic:

Labor market 4.0 - challenge and opportunity for HR in promoting employees.

The focus was on the following questions:

1. «How do you prepare your employees for the labor market 4.0?»

2. "What are the skills of the future that are relevant for the job market and how can people be developed in the direction of these skills"?

If you would like to know more about the answers or would like further informations about Pit Stop® please contact us.


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