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"Let's Talk!" - Business transformation in practice

16. Mai 2022

Our client event in Zurich in May 2022.

Everyone is talking about the new working world 4.0, new ways of working, new leadership and the transformation involved. But what is being implemented in practice in the companies that really works? With this question in mind, we invited our customers to Zurich for a practical exchange with the motto “Let's talk!”

In their presentation, Almut Schäfer, Head Business Transformation PnC and Susanne Ziörjen, PO Organizational & Personal Development at AXA Switzerland gave an insight into their experiences on the path of transformation, how to get managers and employees to sustainably realise the corporate strategy and which challenges have to be overcome in practice on this path.

Conclusion: One of the essential criteria for sustainable success is a new leadership framework in which HR and line management jointly activate the divisional strategy. The key factor is a co-creation process involving HR and line, not HR coming up with a new framework.

The speakers emphasised that the new leadership model achieved a high level of acceptance mainly because it was tailored to business needs on the one hand and because it had the backing of senior management, which had clearly recognised the benefits, on the other.

It also emerged from the discussions that more importance must be attached to leadership as a central element of transformation. Regardless of which model is chosen as the most suitable for the companies, it is central to support and activate the managers to internalise and exemplify this new leadership model, especially in practice, on-the-job.

We would like to thank all those who took part and look forward to seeing you again at the next "Let's talk!”


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