“Let’s talk!” - Work environment 4.0 & consequences for HR.

12. Feb 2020

Lets Talk_1
Lets Talk_1
Lets Talk
Lets Talk

Everyone is talking about the working environment 4.0, but what is done about it in the companies? Headlining our “Let’s talk!” after-work meeting with this question, we invited our customers to a practice-based exchange of views in Zurich and Basel at the beginning of the year.

As part of his keynote speech René Brugger, head of “digitalization” at Raiffeisen and president of Swiss Technology Network, presented practical insights into the working world 4.0 and potential consequences for HR. This was the kick-off for intense discussions and a lively practice-based exchange among the participating HR specialists.

Conclusion: by the vast majority digitalization is viewed as an opportunity to increase value and the reputation of the HR organization. The acceptance of the topic at board level seems to be crucial. It is only with their support that HR can make specific changes within the organization. Practice shows that HR can play a vital role as a supporter in this process, but they cannot be the driver of change.

In addition, the discussions clearly showed that in industrial production, digitalization is already quite advanced, especially driven by international competition. However, in the areas of administration, recruiting or personnel development most companies are just at the beginning. Companies in the service sector are less under pressure.

Please read more in our recently published survey.

We very much thank all our guests for their active participation. We look forward to seeing you again at the next "Let's talk!" Event.


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